Monday, July 27, 2009


My sister is getting married next year...she asked me to make her wedding serve possibly 200+ people...Uhhh...


I said yes of course! She's my sister and I'll also be her Maid of Honor. But what am I getting myself into?! My cake decorating skills are horrible!! And all those people are going to see it!

Hmmm...maybe my sister will change her mind by then [crosses fingers and toes]. But then again it would be really special if I could make her wedding cake. I have no professional baking background or even wedding cake skills, so I need as many tips as I can. AHHHH!!! How am I supposed to even put a wedding cake together? I know I need dowels, but that's about it.

So I've been pretty busy lately helping my sister with wedding planning stuff. It's fun, but boy, it sure is time consuming! Looking at wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, wedding favors, invitations, ties for the groomsmen, flowers, and a million other things. So does anyone have any tips on making a wedding cake?

I guess I'll be sharing my fruit tarts with all of y'all today. I love fruit tarts. I made these for my graduation party last week. One of my favorite places to go is Porto's Bakery here in SoCal. I was pretty satisfied with my results, since I never made them before, and my sister's fiance said it tasted like a a fruit tart from Porto's. Awesome!

And I've got to hand it to Dorie, she knows what she's doing. I used the sweet tart dough and pastry cream recipe from her book that I got for six dollars! I made a few small ones, that were the same size as those lime tarts, and I made an eleven inch one. To decorate I used: peaches, strawberries, cherries (that I pitted myself using a straw), apricots, and nectarines. To make them shiny I heated up some peach jelly with a little bit of water. Enjoy!

Unglazed and then glazed.

Looks pretty professional to me :)

I've been snacking on these cute little Chocolate Yogurt Snack Cakes via Smitten Kitchen.


  1. Wow... a wedding cake.
    That's a pretty hearty challenge someone with no bakery skills would plunge so boldly into.

    Living life on the fast lane, taking all the chances...

  2. Have faith, my dear. Ask around, like I said before! Things should go ok.

    I can taste the sweetness of the tarts just by looking at them! Great job!

  3. the funny thing is that I can't decide if the unglazed or glazed tarts look better. how's that wedding cake planning going?

  4. Can u post a recipe? or email me the fruit tart recipe to please

  5. Is it possible to get your recipe for the tart? Thanks :)