Monday, August 10, 2009

Eating Vegas and Other News

A bag full of goodies!

Wow, it's actually been quite a while since my last post...Well I was basically computer-less last week because of a Vegas trip I took with my boyfriend and another couple. It was a pretty awesome trip since I haven't been there for about 8 years?

We got into Vegas in the evening last Monday, we checked in at Tahiti Village, and took a dip in the really awesome lazy river! We decided to go out for food a little after 9:30, first we though we'd check out the restaurant at the place called Tahiti Joe's. But apparently they were closing at 10, so we didn't get in. Tummies grumbling we decided to hit the Strip, of course being the foodie that I am I did plenty of research for which restaurants I we should check out. We were craving burgers so we went to the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay. Sorry about the blurry pictures! It was kind of dim in there and I didn't want to take a picture with flash because I didn't want people to stare..haha..So here is what me and the bf ordered.

Some kind of burger my bf created with Kobe beef
and a side of sweet potato fries.

I got the sliders that were kind of like samplers of their
larger burgers with a side of skinny fries.

The Verdict: The sliders were so cuuuuute, but they were um..... blah, I don't think I'd order them again. The fries were really good when they came out hot, but after a few minutes, they were cold and hard. Maybe I didn't eat them fast enough? The buns for the sliders were not enjoyable, they seemed stale, or just too hard for a hamburger bun. However, the beef was cooked to a perfect medium rare. I wish I ordered a full size burger, just because I had a bite of my bf's. The bun was waaaay different and it was pretty good. Sweet potato fries were awesome too! I forgot what kind of sauce that was on the side though...but I know it was good.

I was dying to visit a Vegas buffet before the trip, but I don't think we were hungry enough for it on Tuesday. So instead for lunch we went to Earl of Sandwich at Planet Hollywood. And I couldn't have been more satisfied. And I knoooow, I probably should have taken a picture of the sandwich without the wrapper. Haha..but I was too excited to try the gorgeous looking sandwich.

Possibly the World's Greatest Hot Sandwich!

The Verdict: Despite the fact that I first ordered a BLT, which the cashier told me they ran out of, I had to make a quick decision because the line was growing pretty fast, I got the Earl's Club..and WOW was all I had to say when I took that first bite. I couldn't be happier that they ran out of BLT's. The bread was amazingly thick, yet soft, the combination of Roasted Turkey, Smoked Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Roma Tomato & Sandwich Sauce was perfect. But I was kind of confused though, the sandwich I had had all the components to make a BLT, so what was the deal? Do they make these sandwiches ahead of time and keep them under a lamp? I mean that would explain the really cool looking gold wrapper that also retains heat well. Ehh, the sandwich was still good but I just want to knooooooow! Oh yes, I also got some lightly salted kettle chips that were nothing too special, but always good with a sandwich. Definitely one of the best stops for great food at a great price on the Strip. I think the sandwiches are about $6 or $7.

Hmmm..I'm having a hard time remembering what we had for dinner that night. What I do remember is that we went to Chipotle one night for dinner, I just don't remember when that was! And I don't have any pictures of any dinners. So let's skip the day by day game play.

We went to The Wynn for lunch at The Buffet one of those days. I was pretty impressed with all the choices and the flavors. This buffet was no Sizzlers!

A tiny sample of what was offered for lunch.

Some desserts!

The Verdict: Choices were plentiful indeed! Possibly enough to please a variety of tastes. I had some chicken tortilla soup, a chunk of parmesan with parma ham (?) and good brown bread, grilled veggie salad, macaroni salad, scallop ceviche, gnocchi with peas and pancetta, pulled pork on a piece of cornbread with coleslaw(pork was too sweet for my taste), a tri tip slider (too fatty), some kind of fish with tomatoes, Thai beef salad (wasn't good at all, flavors weren't there and beef was tough), and bbq pork char siu bao. Desserts included lemon tart (awesome of course!), some kind of chocolate and banana thing that was pretty good too, chocolate dream tart ? (was soooooo gooood, great mix of something crunchy on the bottom, creamy chocolate mousse? ganache? with a candied hazelnut - YUM. So maybe I had too much chocolate, but that chocolate mousse or pudding in that tiny cup wasn't too interesting.

Bouchon. Amazing, definitely amazing. And interestingly enough, we found this place when we were on our way to get our tickets for Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular. Which is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G show, if you are in Vegas, you NEED to go see it!! Get same day half price tickets through Tix4Tonight! I heard of Bouchon while I was still in NorCal, I came across it when I researching for places to go to in SF. Sadly their Northern California location was too out of the way for us. It's in Yountville (a city I never heard of until I came across Bouchon) near Napa. So I only have the pictures of the macarons that we bought because we saved those for last. Other goodies we bought and inhaled included their famous chocolate bouchon (kind of like a brownie), almond financier, pain au chocolat, chocolate and almond croissant, and raspberry jam filled beignets. Everything was amazing, I only wish I could have sampled every single thing there!! However, the lemon macaron was too sweet, raspberry and chocolate macarons were amazing!

Raspberry Macaron.

Lemon Macaron.

Chocolate Macaron.

And so the last place I have to review is Stripburger. I ordered some tomato gazpacho, a classic hamburger with garlic fries and a Sunburn Sangria. The burger and fries were perfect. The sangria wasn't actually a sangria, it didn't have any wine. It tasted like strawberry Torani mixed with vodka and lime soda.

As if this post wasn't long enough already, I need to mention that I saw Julie & Julia this past Friday...along with a bunch of other foodies of course! I loved it! I'll probably be looking into getting my hands on the dvd! That movie is sooooo drool worthy!! I was starving by the end...or just really wanting some French food. I have never wanted to cook French food so much as I do now, especially Boeuf Bourguignon!! But I don't have a Dutch Oven...and I really want to use Julia Child's recipe! I know I'm going to buy one someday, but I'm saving up for a new computer right now, I know I want a Le Creuset, but I need money!! does anyone have a recipe that doesn't require a Dutch Oven?!

My sister's wedding cake planning has gotten nowhere since I took a whole week off vacationing. But there a few recipes that I want to try out, but I might not get to that until later in the week since that's when she'll be dropping by. But yes, I'm still a little scared!


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation with your bf! I'm glad you could spend time with him!
    *wink wink*

    Anyways, for those of you who want to know...Mikey got a Kobe beef burger with avocado, fried onions, lettuce, tomato, the whole works pretty much, with a side of sweet potato fries, and Habanero Chipotle sauce. Delish. I would suggest people go to Burger Bar!

    <3 you babe! Keep up the interesting blogging! I'll be looking forward to an EXTENDED review of Julie & Julia!

  2. All of the food looks incredible! It looks like you had an awesome time :) I really hope to stop by Las Vegas one day.